Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London
9th October 2019

Wolf are you there? By Sylvie Auzary-Luton This book supports the popular French song, “Let’s walk in the woods, while the wolf is not there …” A group of children go for a walk in the woods, singing and teasing the Wolf . This classic french book has lots of amusing illustrations. Enjoy reading or […]

27th September 2019

Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World By Melanie Walsh. A beautifully simple book for small children to encourage an understanding of conservation. Ideas include walking to school, turning off lights when leaving a room and feeding the birds in winter.

10th September 2019

Another Kiss! By Amy Hest, Pascale Jusforgues (Translator) Anita Jeram (Illustrator)  On a dark stormy night, Mother Bear is about to put her little Sam to bed. “Are you ready?” She asks him. But Sam does not want to sleep. It looks like he’s waiting for something…But what?