Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London

“We’ve been delighted with our daughter’s year in the PS class. So much so that we have reconsidered our son’s start date.”

Our curriculum follows the French curriculum of L’Ecole Maternelle as laid down in the programme of l’Éducation Nationale Française. Le Hérisson school also incorporates the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements and is one of the only AEFE schools in London that incorporates the EYFS into its curriculum. This however compliments the new French Maternelle curriculum, as set forth in 2015.

We are part of the French Réeseau (Network) in London and subject to regular inspections from the Inspector and benefits from professional development and training from AEFE, whilst retaining our independence. Le Hérisson School has a strong international flavour, with lessons provided in both English and French on a daily basis. Through this, the children learn an awareness of both cultures and this enables the school to provide a diverse and rounded education to its children. This sets them off on the pathway to becoming bi-lingual, culturally aware and open to different cultures.

As an école homolguée our children are guaranteed a place in a school when entering primary school, once the Grande Section is completed. Most of our children opt for this route. However, for those few wishing to enter British schools we can help with the transition to the British system.

Did you know?

The petite, moyenne and grande sections form the Cycle 1 (1st learning cycle) of an education continuum that extends to the end of collège (lower secondary school which finished in year 10).

École maternelle is designed to introduce children to the social environment of school and to develop the basic coordination skills. The main objective is oral expression and communication. Self-awareness is encouraged as well as group activities. These include arts and crafts, music and games.

During the final years of nursery school, the rudiments of reading, writing and arithmetic are taught in preparation for primary school.

For parents not used to the école maternelle system, sending a child to school at three years old may seem premature. However, the French école maternelle is an excellent way to help children socialise and to make long-lasting friends. A child who enters the French system at primary school level may well find it much harder not only to succeed, but to integrate.

Experts suggest it takes a French child who misses out on nursery school – going straight into year one of primary school – a good six months to catch up to the level of children who attended école maternelle.

École maternelle is an excellent way to make sure that your child has a good command of French before primary school, essential if he or she is to do well.