Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London

Moyenne Section (MS)

Children in our MS classroom also follow the teachings of the new French Maternelle Curriculum where they refine their fine motor skills and further develop their French speech and language. In the Moyenne section the children will enjoy listening to and using spoken and written language and readily turn to it in play and learning. The MS class is characterised by:

  • Children between 4 and 5 years old
  • Two full time staff and a maximum number of children of 24
  • All full-time staff are French speaking
  • In addition to their normal lessons, children are provided with 3.5 hours per week of English as an additional language
  • Upon the completion of MS, the children will speak clearly and audibly with confidence and control, extending their French vocabulary, exploring the meanings and sounds of new words ready for the Grande Section