Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London
Young children are natural language learners, they are self-motivated to pick up language without consciously learning (unlike adolescents and adults!) They also have time to learn through play-like activities and pick up language by taking part in everyday, adult led activities.
To take advantage of this natural ability we have set up a Wednesday English Club where our children are encouraged to learn and develop their language skills. The club operates in two parts and integrates Le Hérissons Academic Curriculum.
Every Wednesday after lunch the children in Grande and Moyenne section classes participate in activities in the park whilst the children in Petite and Bilingual Early Years classes have their afternoon nap. We all come together later in the afternoon where our children are encouraged to participate in different structured activities such as: listening to stories, painting, arts and crafts activities, cooking, learning songs, dancing, construction projects (lego bricks, wooden blocks or cardboard boxes), etc.
Le Hérissons approach encourages children to experiment with language while building their confidence in a safe, stimulating environment.