Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London

Hot Lunches at Le Hérisson School

Hot lunches are prepared offsite by Little Tums Ltd.

All of Little Tums menus have be approved by the Eat Out Start Well scheme and they take great pride in being the first children’s caterers to be awarded this award. The criteria for the award is set by the Children’s Food Trust, Healthy Choice Award and Local authorities which monitor their services by evaluating their menus, ingredients and cooking techniques. In order to obtain the award they must meet the criteria with a 100% pass rate and they’re very proud that they did.

They work on a three week menu over a Summer and Winter cycle. At the moment we are in the Summer cycle which, runs from May – October. We then move into the Winter cycle from October – April.

Children with allergens and/or food restrictions will have a like-for-like alternative. A copy of which can be provided from the school office.

You can be confident that the meals they provide are healthy, balanced, nutritious and are specifically tailored for children of early years school age.

The current three-week rotational menu for Le Hérisson School is in the link below: