Ecole Maternelle homologuée à Londres / An accredited French preschool in London

Hot Lunches at Le Hérisson School

Hot lunches are prepared offsite by The Yum Yum Food Company Ltd. Yum Yum is owned and run by a mum of 2 young boys, Abigail Simon.  Abigail has been catering solely for nursery schools across London since 2003.  Yum Yum sources meats from local butchers and only uses animal welfare accredited suppliers. Cakes are made from scratch and deserts are mainly fruits so are naturally sweetened and if they do need to add sugar they only use brown sugar. Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered daily. Abigail and her team prepare the lunches from the freshest ingredients each morning in a kitchen that has been EU registered. EU registration is a standard issued by the EU and monitored and authorised by Environmental health across local councils.

Yum Yum take great care to ensure that meals provided take into full consideration the children that have food allergies/requirements. They run a three week rotational menu with a wide variety of dishes. For more details, please see the below link:

The current three-week rotational menu for Le Hérisson School is in the link below:

Three Week Rotating Menu from July 2017